A Video Garden Tour – June 2020

Last weekend would have been my HPSO (Hardy Plant Society of Oregon) Open Garden. It was a beautiful weekend and I was pleasantly surprised how many of my favorite things were reaching their peak just when I thought they might be! If you’ve ever hosted an Open Garden before, you know how rare it is to get the weather AND your plants to cooperate!

I thought it might be fun to jump on the virtual bandwagon and try my hand at a video tour of my front gardens. Since the garden beds are situated like peninsulas, it’s impossible to get a picture of what they look like so I think the video does a good job of capturing everything quite nicely.

The first video is of the two garden beds on front of the house and I included some pictures of a few of my favorite things!


Dierama ‘Xera’s Darkest Purple’ and Hemerocallis x ‘Elizabeth Salter’ make a dazzling duo!


Clematis ‘Rooguchi’


Berkheya purpurea



Morina longifolia


Dierama trichorhizum (dwarf)


 Dierama (currently unknown)




New martagon lily from Fred Meyer of all places (no name, only a number!) gifted by Matthew


Kniphofia ‘Safranvogel’


Allium ‘Summer Drummer’

This video is the hellstrip between my driveway and adjacent street. I’ve included some pictures, as well.


Eryngium ‘Big Blue’, Verbena ‘Lollipop’ and Kniphofia ‘Timothy’


Eryngium yuccafolium or Rattlesnake Master

This is my shade/fern garden. It’s only a few years old so there isn’t a lot of height and the video didn’t seem to work. Here are some pictures instead.


Shade and fern garden realness 


Thalictrum ‘Elin’


Hydrangea aspera ‘Plum Passion’


Fatsia japonica 

IMG_5248 2

Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Irene Patterson’ and friends

The last part of my garden, the back yard, is currently not cooperating and will not be featured in this blog. Should it decide to get its act together then perhaps it will be featured in a later post.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and my shoddy camera work didn’t make you too woozy!

Happy Gardening and stay safe, happy and healthy!





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