Plant of the Day: Grevillea ‘Molongolo’

I’ve had great success with grevillea in my garden- almost too much success. The full sun and slopes with great drainage make for ideal homes for these unique and beautiful plants. I tend to favor allowing my plants to grow as nature intended which has resulted in some pretty amazing specimens. At one point my Grevillea ‘Molongolo’ had reached about 8×10 ft (a modest estimate) and was smothering a large portion of my front garden. After doing spring clean up and discovering just what it was smothering, I decided it needed a massive haircut and chopped it back hard.

G. ‘Molongolo’ took it like a champ and still provided a flush of stunning apricot flowers for me to drool over! For those of you interested in this plant, I would suggest two things: 1.find a nice hillside for it to trail down and spread 2. Give it PLENTY of room to grow into. It only took about 4 year to reach a pretty massive size.

Credit for this plant goes fellow blogger, Matthew The Lents Farmer who quickly realized it needed space to roam!

Hopefully the rain will subside so I can discover tomorrow’s plant of the day!

2 thoughts on “Plant of the Day: Grevillea ‘Molongolo’

  1. Grevillea are mostly very well suited to chaparral climates, and with a bit of supplemental irrigation, to desert climates as well. The difficulty I have with them is that I am allergic to them, almost like some people are allergic to poison oak. It is not bad, but it is bad enough that I would prefer to not handle them.


  2. What a beautiful plant! I love Grevilleas, they’re so interesting. I could look at them all day. The plant choices in your garden are splendid!


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