Plant of the Day: Stachyurus salicifolius

This is another plant I fell in love with while visiting the garden of a fellow blogger. There really isn’t a better way to get ideas for your own emerging space than to “borrow” them from people who’s gardens you admire!

The drama of Stachyurus salicifolius hypnotizes me as its long branches, leaves and flower tendrils flow with the breeze!

I have a special setting for this plant that places it at eye level! It’s been a joy to watch it mature and this year it’s really taken off!

It’s also done a fantastic job of becoming the transition plant that divides a full sun area to a shade area.

The year round interest is a bonus, too, as so much of this area dies back over winter.

I’ll leave with a couple more pics of this beauty!

What’s your favorite plant right now!

See you tomorrow!

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